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The first and only digital library for FirstClass

FC MEMEXTM is a FirstClass server extension which allows the integration of documents residing outside the FirstClass system. Documents of nearly any file format are automatically full text indexed. Based on this index database a powerful search engine allows to look for documents using a flexible query language or using the search wizards presented as FirstClass forms.
The search procedure is very easy to learn - anybody capable of using the FirstClass client can start searching inside digital libraries of any size.

This is the reason why one of the FC MEMEXTM customers paraphrased this RSWE solution as Google for FirstClass.

On the other hand experienced users can create advanced queries using more complex query language options. Please follow the topics presented on the left menu to get an overview of possibilities offered by the FC MEMEXTM product.

More than a search engine

FC MEMEXTM is more than a search engine for FirstClass. It offers compelling annotation and link options and helps to set documents in context to other documents, conferences, users or any addressable internet resource. An additional user rights management system ontop of the FirstClass privilege system allows the definition of library specific user roles. FC MEMEX allows the upload of new documents into existing library catalogs, too. This is provided by additional tools like the FC MEMEXTM browser, a tool no navigate in server side document collections. All clientside FC MEMEXTM functions only have one requirement: an already installed FirstClass client. That's it. No more, no less.

Educational applications

FC MEMEXTM is the perfect compagnion for educational FirstClass sites. Now these sites can offer powerful virtual library solutions inside their existing collaboration infrastructure. These libraries offer various advantages:

• Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Only content selected by librarians
• Credible resources with annotations and links
• Personal annotations and links
• Various preview options (without the need to download complete documents)
• Embedded into existing conference structure
• Affordable solution with any number of library documents servers

FC MEMEXTM for small and medium enterprises

Now these enterprises have the opportunity to connect their FirstClass communication system with their existing business document archives. FC MEMEXTM collects nearly any kind of document type residing on typical file servers and integrate these knowledge pools right into the FirstClass server. FC MEMEXTM is an affordable solution to get access to any business document and a compelling alternative to other well known document management (DMS)  and digital asset management systems (DAM).

Some features offered:

• Full text search and retrieval in most document types: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .ppt, .xml, .html, ...
• Full text search and retrieval in most image metadata formats: EXIF, IPTC, TIFF tags
• Existing file servers can be integrated with very little effort
• Search and browse applications offered through FC MEMEXTM

Copyright 2004-2007 by RSWE. All rights reserved.
FC MEMEX is a registered trademark of RSWE.

Other languages
We're looking for skandinavian partners to realize localized FC MEMEX versions for these countries. If You're interested You're welcome to apply using the following link.

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Archiving FirstClass conferences
If You are looking for a perfect companion for FC MEMEX take a look at FC ARCHIVE. This product allows the structured archival of FirstClass conferences including all mail attachments. Combined with FC MEMEX a real powerful full text search and retrieval solution for FirstClass attachments is available for the first time.


Test it live
You're invited to test FC MEMEX on our server. Please use the RSWE contact form to apply for a test account and we'll come back to You as soon as possible.

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About the demo account
Just download this compact data sheet to take a preview what You can expect to find in Your demo account.