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FC MEMEXTM document notifications

In many cases finding documents is only one part of dealing with an organizations knowledge base. Another very important one is to find persons and experts inside the own organization having knowledge about the requested subject.

FC MEMEXTM supports this search for expert knowledge twofold:

• using the FC MEMEX TM annotation mechansim allows to set any document in contect with other documents. Individuall annotations can be added and help the searching user where to find additional information.
• the FC MEMEX notification mechansim allows the active information of users looking for special subjects.

The FC MEMEX TM notification mechanism is very efficient in following cases:

• Giving users the information about the proofen expertise of other users
• Giving document authors an overview about the readers of his documents
• Fullfilling copyright and digital rights requirements by sending corresponding messages to users "reading" found documents

An example:

The user "Michael Reinke" wants to receive notification mails in case of any download of an individual document (in our case ISSUESECURITY.PDF). He wants to get informed about any new document annotation to this PDF file added by any other user, too. Finally he wants to send a notification mail to the user downloading this PDF document describing his personal expertise and knowledge about this subject.

All three tasks can be managed by the FC MEMEX TM notification mechanism, the only thing to do for the user "Michael Reinke" is to select the associated document using the FC MEMEX TM search or browse technology and set up the mentioned notification rules using the FC MEMEX TM notification editor as follows:


The annotation form opens right after pressing the Notification button contained in the document specific properties form.

Inside this form we add 3 notification rules:

1. Notification to the user downloading the found document. Here the user "Michael Reinke" sends information about his knowledge in the field of "FirstClass security". The filled out notificationeditor is shown here:


2. Download notifiction to "Michael Reinke" in case of any download of the associated document:

3. Annotation notification to "Michael Reinke" in case of any new annotation to the associated document:

The final notification form shows all three (individual) notification rules:

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