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FirstClass solutions



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RSWE is involved in FirstClass consulting and development since 1995 and has realized many projects using FirstClass development toolkits.

These toolkits allow the extension of the FirstClass base functionallity according to customer requirements. Refer to the core diagram on the left to get an impression where these interface are located.

There are two major extension options which are heavily used by many RSWE solutions:

1. FirstClass gateway extension (client side)
2. FirstClass RAD application server (server side)

Some examples and areas of application are described in the following sections.

FirstClass applications

 Running serverside these applications allow very compelling new solutions for any FirstClass groupware system.

The first digital library and knowledge management system for FirstClass. This application extends the well known FirstClass groupware with world class digital library capabilities.

FirstClass Gateways

 These custom extensions behave like a special FirstClass client connecting to an existing FirstClass server remotely. Custom function allows the bidirectional transport of data from and to the FirstClass network storage. This can be used to realize very compelling workflow solutions. Some examples of RSWE made solutions are:

This is a scanner based workflow tool to incorporate paper based documents into FirstClass conferences and mailboxes.

Targeting the FirstClass development audience this tool allows the rapid development of Microsoft COM/OLE based FirstClass gateways. This is the "mother of all RSWE gateway applications" and available for third parties, too.

A ready to rum archival application to get FirstClass content out of the FirstClass network storage into the native file system.

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