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FC MEMEXTM document annotations and links

FC MEMEXTM allows to annotate any document with comments and with links to other resources belonging to this document. This mechanism allows to set the associated document in context to other resources having something in common with the original document, e.g.:

• Individual comments to the document from users having already read it
• Additional information not found inside the document
• Links to web resources belonging to the document
• Links to important FirstClass documents, conferences or calendars

Users reading the annotation form for the first time are offered a great help where to find more information belonging to the selected document content.

An example scenario is shown below:

In this example a FC MEMEX TM query results in a list of found documents belonging to the subject of "FirstClass security aspects". We look at the properties form of the requested document and see the extracted information as shown in this figure:


The annotation form opens right after pressing the annotation button in the properties form. One annotation and 2 links to external web resources are already stored for our found document.


Looking at the Links section of the annotation form the user can just go ahead visiting the shown links by doubleclicking the requested row.

The first link leads to tho original newsletter webbsite.

The second one is kind of a (very) helpful trick:
Selecting this link the local webbrowser opens the Google website and directly launches an already defined query belonging to the documents subject. This mechansim is great to see what's new around the subject the original document is dealing with.

Adding Google queries to enhance the FC MEMEX TM scope is very easy.
The user just clicks on the "+" button to add a new link. The link editor opens and allows the definition of following items:

• The original URL. This URL is triggered when any user double clicks this links row inside the annotation form. In our case we just copy the complete Google query URL right out of the open Webbrowser. That's all.
• Free text link name. This name is shown in the link selection list.
• Custom icon. This one can be selected to present some information about the type of this ling

After saving this form the new link will be presented inside the links list and will be a great help for any user looking at the annotation form.


Copyright 2004 by RSWE. All rights reserved.
FC MEMEX is a registered trademark of RSWE.